Mr Josué Youmba
Director General of APN

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Surfers,

The National Ports Authority (APN), through my voice, welcomes you to its website that provides a window to all its partners and the general public, on the Cameroonian maritime and port sector.

By inviting you to this platform, we want to facilitate access to relevant information about port activities for the greatest number of people. The port sector happens to be a key sector of our economy, through which passes more than 90% of trade between Cameroon and its external partners.

It will also allow you to make a contribution, which is our hope, to the achievement of this noble objective of performance and competitiveness in our ports.

And, as indicated in the homepage, you will find seven sections, from current events to useful contacts, through co-operation, our media library and the collection of regulatory texts governing the maritime and port sector.

Our vision is to make the port sector more dynamic, competitive and secure