The missions of APN shall include the implementation of the national ports policy as defined by the Government. In this capacity, it shall be responsible for:

  1. In terms of supervision of port activities :
  • Planning of the national ports development;
  • Development, in consultation with Autonomous Port Authorities, of the National Ports Master Plan that shall take into account the need to foster competitiveness ;
  • Development andcontrol ofthe implementation of port safety and security standards, in compliance with relevant international and national regulations.
  • In terms of regulation of port activities :
  • Ensuring compliance with competition rulesin the performance of port activities;
  • Approving and controlling port services tariffs, incollaboration with relevant administrations;
  • Defining the transfer scheme framework and conditions for the performance of port activities;
  • Issuing opinions on port concessions awarded by theGovernment;
  • Issuing technical opinions on proposals for port reforms;
  • Hearing the disputesbrought before it in the port sector;
  • Aspart of monitoring and evaluation of port activities
  • Participation, where necessary, in negotiations of agreements to be signed by the Government in the port area;
  • Monitoring the implementationof port environmental protection regulations;
  • Monitoring the implementation of port regulations as well asport performances;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the port cost reduction plan;
  • Conduct ofspecific audits in the port sector; and
  • Provision of advisory support services to the port sector’s take holders.

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